Why should you volunteer?

My name is Sandra Achim and I’m studying MSc Events Management. Before, I came here I thought that university was just about studying, but I’ve changed my opinion. Here at Bournemouth University and in Bournemouth, there are lots of opportunities for students to be involved in different activities and be part of a community with… Read more »

Finding a place you call home

I am Sandra Achim from Romania studying MSc in Events Management. I’m currently living in private accommodation based in Bournemouth and I know that renting privately can be a real challenge. You need to choose your roommates and also check property websites to find the best and the cheapest place to live. The research I… Read more »

Diversify your experience

I am Sandra Achim from Romania, studying MSc Events Management. Starting your master’s programme at BU can be very exciting! You will be meeting new people and engaging with a lot of different experiences. What should you do to make the most of your first term? Here are some tips to help you on your… Read more »