Returning to academic life after a break

  No matter how long it has been – a few years or twenty – returning to university and academic life after a break can be both exciting and scary! My name is Jaime Gorman. I came to BU from Colorado, USA to change my career focus. It has been about 20 years since I… Read more »

Being a Mature Student

I am Jaime Gorman. I am 40 and came to BU from Colorado to study MLit (Hons) English. On day one, as excited as I was, sitting in a cluster of a couple of hundred 18-year-olds was initially very awkward. Not only was I literally old enough to be their mother, I felt culturally and… Read more »

My Course – MLit (Hons) English

Greetings from Bournemouth University! My name is Jaime and I am from Colorado, USA. I am on a unique programme here at BU – MLit (Hons) English – which includes both an undergrad and postgrad degree in one course. MLit includes: Three years of an undergrad course – BA (hons) English A required 4-week or… Read more »

Working as a BU Student Ambassador

I am Jaime, from Colorado, and as a student MLit English programme, I am fortunate to have been selected to work as a Student Ambassador for BU. Having a little extra spending money is worth the effort, but there is more to part-time work than just the pay cheque! Create As a BU Ambassador, I… Read more »

Money-saving tips!

Hello from Bournemouth! I am Jaime Gorman from Colorado, USA and currently on the MLit English programme at BU. At university, budgeting is very important! One of the best ways to save money is to utilise student discounts. There are many discounts available, but here are the ones that I use the most: Amazon Once… Read more »

My Typical Weekend in Bournemouth

Hi! It is Jaime again! As a current student on the MLit English programme at BU, my weekends are anything but typical. When an assignment deadline isn’t looming, I aim for my weekends to be as relaxing and stress-free as possible. Finding time to fit in fun whilst studying can be challenging, but I’ve found… Read more »

Different forms of English

Hi! My name is Jaime Gorman. I am from Colorado and in my first year of the MLit English program here at BU. At first glance it might seem that English is just one language, but there might be more differences than you realise! What am I eating? Fish and Chips are as common in… Read more »

International Orientation Week

Hello! I am Jaime from Colorado and on the MLit (Hons) English Programme here at BU. Studying overseas can be both an exciting, yet scary adventure! One of the highlights of Bournemouth University is their dedication to student satisfaction. Through its Week One activities calendar and its International Orientation schedule, BU strives to make all… Read more »