My budgeting tips for NHS students

Figuring out how to manage finances as a student can be tough, particularly if you’re an NHS student required to participate in mandatory unpaid placements throughout the year. I’ve worked for the NHS as a health care worker for 3 years and have met many students. Alongside this, I am a social work student in… Read more »

5 Budgeting Tips from Southeast Asian student at BU

Hello! In this vlog, I share my top 5 budgeting tips that I found very helpful for me throughout my studies so far at Bournemouth or in the UK in general. Hope you’ll find some of it to be useful! Have a good one! – Ayra H.

Budgeting as a Bulgarian student at BU

Coming to Bournemouth University from Bulgaria has been the biggest challenge I’ve ever faced. I remember adjusting to my new lifestyle – the first month was an absolutely surreal experience. Not only did I now have to live on my own, but I also had complete control over my monthly budget. Additionally, the sheer amount… Read more »

Budgeting – A Student’s Financial Life-hacks

Handling finances can be tricky, especially when you’ve moved to a new place. The currency is different, the prices of commodities are new and most students are dealing with a fixed budget – having to balance basic needs, school supplies as well as at least a little bit of a social life. This blog is… Read more »

Budgeting as an Indian in BU (Dubai edition)

Budgeting is an essential life skill, especially for a student. Moving across countries requires meticulous planning in all aspects, one of which is finance. It can be overwhelming to set a budget when you don’t know how expenses compare between countries. I did some research to understand what my monthly budget would look like. But… Read more »

Top tips for budgeting as a student

Hi everyone! I’m Areej! I am from Egypt and I’m doing the games software engineering course. Today I am going to tell you all about some budgeting tips that I personally follow. Being a student and having limited finances doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t go out or that you have to live off of instant… Read more »