Finding a place you call home

I am Sandra Achim from Romania studying MSc in Events Management. I’m currently living in private accommodation based in Bournemouth and I know that renting privately can be a real challenge. You need to choose your roommates and also check property websites to find the best and the cheapest place to live. The research I… Read more »

Diversify your experience

I am Sandra Achim from Romania, studying MSc Events Management. Starting your master’s programme at BU can be very exciting! You will be meeting new people and engaging with a lot of different experiences. What should you do to make the most of your first term? Here are some tips to help you on your… Read more »

Take chances, make memories

I’m Sandra Achim from Romania, studying MSc Events Management. Being a student in Bournemouth is exceptionally fun. It’s not just all about lectures. There are also lots of opportunities to interact with other students, such as parties, outings, and social life. Here are some of the things that I like to do, which might interest… Read more »

Going through Uni life on a budget

I am Yi-Hsin Chen from Taiwan studying MSC Events Management. As students, most of our spending is on food and drink. Managing to eat healthy while also saving some money is worth considering. Here are few tips I always follow. Hopefully they can help you save some money too. Cook from scratch Try not to… Read more »

Keep spending to your budget limits

I’m Sandra Achim from Romania, studying MSc Events Management. Being a student means that there’s always going to be limitations on how you spend your money. Budgeting is very important, but you can still have a social life, enjoy good food, drinks, and many other activities by using student discounts. How can you do this?… Read more »

Small change, big adventure

I am Sandra Achim from Romania studying a Master’s in Events Management here are BU since September 2017. We all know that change is hard. For the last two years I had been trying to decide whether or not to move to Bournemouth for my Master’s programme. Now I’m studying the MSc Events Management programme… Read more »

My first year studying Events Management

Since I’ve been at BU I’ve learnt so many transferable skills. It’s amazing that in one year I have grown so much as a person and I am now confident in my career path. The decision to study Events Management has to be one of the best decisions I’ve made, the course is the perfect… Read more »