Finding a place you call home

I am Sandra Achim from Romania studying MSc in Events Management. I’m currently living in private accommodation based in Bournemouth and I know that renting privately can be a real challenge. You need to choose your roommates and also check property websites to find the best and the cheapest place to live. The research I… Read more »

Diversify your experience

I am Sandra Achim from Romania, studying MSc Events Management. Starting your master’s programme at BU can be very exciting! You will be meeting new people and engaging with a lot of different experiences. What should you do to make the most of your first term? Here are some tips to help you on your… Read more »

Keep spending to your budget limits

I’m Sandra Achim from Romania, studying MSc Events Management. Being a student means that there’s always going to be limitations on how you spend your money. Budgeting is very important, but you can still have a social life, enjoy good food, drinks, and many other activities by using student discounts. How can you do this?… Read more »

Small change, big adventure

I am Sandra Achim from Romania studying a Master’s in Events Management here are BU since September 2017. We all know that change is hard. For the last two years I had been trying to decide whether or not to move to Bournemouth for my Master’s programme. Now I’m studying the MSc Events Management programme… Read more »

My first year studying Events Management

Since I’ve been at BU I’ve learnt so many transferable skills. It’s amazing that in one year I have grown so much as a person and I am now confident in my career path. The decision to study Events Management has to be one of the best decisions I’ve made, the course is the perfect… Read more »