How I manage my student finance

One thing most students worry about before coming to university is money. But, don’t worry, you won’t have to live off Pot Noodles because that is all you can afford. That is a myth. You can eat well and do all the things you want to. The trick is budgeting. Some people do end up… Read more »

My time with Nerve Media

At Bournemouth University we have Nerve Media, a society that is a student ran media network. There is Nerve Radio, Nerve Magazine, Nerve Podcasts, Nerve Sport, Nerve News and Nerve Now. Each one providing different experience and opportunities. I personally have been part of Nerve Radio and Nerve Magazine in different roles. Nerve Radio My… Read more »

Could 2021 be your year to be more sustainable?

Over the past couple of years I’ve been learning a lot about the environment and each individual’s impact on it. I’ve found some easy ways you can make more sustainable choices in 2021. My New Year’s resolution – pre-loved Over Lockdown, the poor treatment of workers and strain the fashion industry puts on the environment… Read more »

How I did my marketing and events placement from home

I never expected I’d be doing my placement from home. Especially, the fact it was mostly focused on events. I was about to set off around the country for two weeks doing UCAS exhibitions when I was told they were no longer going ahead. After putting months of stress and work into organising the events,… Read more »