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BA (Hons) Communication and Media

I received the BU Maintenance Loan in my first year of uni. I didn’t have to apply to the university, to be considered you just have to tick the box that says you’re happy for student finance to share your information with the university. For 2021 entry, if your parents earn less than £16,000 a year, you’re a new student and you live in England the you are eligible. You will receive up to £2,400 across all three years at the university which is paid onto a pre-paid card. For more information, see this web page.

How did it help?

  • It allowed me to buy more things to decorate my room or flat such as plants, throws, cushions, pictures (and frames), fairy lights and other little decorative pieces
  • I could do my weekly shop and treat myself to extra things whether that be branded over own brand, a nice bottle of gin, desserts as well as dinners and those things you want to buy but talk yourself out of it. I also shopped at smaller businesses like independent fruit and veg shops sometimes.
  • I saved extra money for leisurely activities such as clubbing, events and festivals that my friends were planning to go to. I was able to save to go to Reading Festival and Hideout Festival with people I met at uni.
  • It allowed me to focus on my studies and not worry about getting a job as it was a little extra pocket money each month
  • Buying train tickets to visit home. This was important to me as it meant I didn’t have to wait for holidays to go home, I could go home to see my boyfriend, for birthdays or if I was missing home (and my dogs!).

The main benefit of the bursary was that I didn’t need to worry about needing extra money each month so I wouldn’t have to ask my parents. This was especially helpful as I was still learning to budget in first year.

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