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Virtual Open Days can be confusing to navigate and so it can be easy to forget some key details. So, here are my top tips to make the most out of a Virtual Open Day:

1. List of questions

Make sure you have a list of important things you want to know and turn them into a list of questions. Maybe even section them into your key areas such as course, student life, accommodation, finance, etc. so you can keep track of what you’ve asked.

2. Check the schedule

Check to see whether your course will be doing any Zoom calls with the academics where you can ask questions in depth, if not, drop into the Unibuddy chat rooms and ask an academic or student. If there is no one for your degree, ask if there is someone you can send your questions to.

3. Virtual campus tour

Before you come to the open day check out our virtual tour to look at all the buildings relevant to your course and read about the key features. Do you have any questions you want to ask about the buildings or facilities? Note them down and remember to ask them at the virtual open day.


4. Accommodation Tours

The same as the virtual campus tour, watch any videos of the accommodation. You can find some on the university YouTube channel and student made vlogs too. Research which ones are in budget and seem like you would like to live there. Then write down some questions you would like to know about your future home.

5. Preparation

Look at any resources provided before the day and look at all the sections on the course page. Are there any specific units you wish to ask about? Are there any placements you want to ask about?

6. Student Life

There will be students in the student life room you can ask any questions to. Think of things you’re nervous about, excited about, confused about, or something you can’t find the answers to anywhere. Students have lived through the process and know what it is like first hand, we’re an amazing tool so make sure to ask us some questions.

7. Chat rooms

Utilise the Unibuddy chat rooms as they will be one of the best ways to communicate with students, staff and academics. Don’t be afraid to ask a question or start a conversation, everyone is very friendly and waiting for your messages. If you don’t like asking a question in a big group, you can direct message the students and ask them questions in private. Do your parents have any questions? There will be a room where they can ask a fellow parent, member of staff or student any questions they wish to ask.

8. Student content

Make sure to have a look at all the relevant student blogs and vlogs on topics you’re interested in. They may answer some of your questions or even inspire more for you.


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