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BA (Hons) Communication and Media

Yes I learnt a lot about my course and industry while at university, but my time at BU taught me a lot about life too. These are some of the key lessons I learnt:

1. Friendships

It is cliche but the value of friendships becomes very clear while at university, you start to appreciate quality rather than quantity more and more. It can be a struggle at first, but any people creating negative energy and emotions for you aren’t worth your time and stress. The friends that are there for you, appreciate you, and are kind to you, make time for. Also, don’t care what other people think and do what makes you happy.

2. My Environmental impact

Before coming to university I didn’t fully understand the impact my actions and lifestyle was having on the environment. I have become more and more aware, and educated myself, making changes throughout my years at uni. For example I eat less meat, buy clothes second hand or sustainably, drink plant-based milks, re-sell my old clothes, etc.

3. Learning about new cultures

I learnt about other cultures, ways of life, people’s stories, etc. outside of the area I am from. I became more confident, liberated, and knowledgeable through researching and educating myself about important topics such as racism, sexism, and homophobia.

4. Relationships

I was in a long distance relationship for my first year before he moved to BU too, both situations taught me a lot and I had to adjust. In first year when he was home and I moved away, we only saw each other at weekends or every few weeks. It was tough at times but we learnt the importance of communication and making the most of the time we did spend together. Once he joined BU the following year, we had to make sure to spend time together but keep our independence and see our friends.

5. Adapting to Covid

Covid rapidly changed everyones lives leading to studying from home. This taught me to stay motivated whilst trying to work hard as this could be difficult at times. Having my bedroom as my classroom as well as my chill out space was a weird feeling but made me appreciate actually going to uni, friends, hugs, face-to-face conversations, and everything else covid hindered.

6. Independence

Before coming to university I was an independent person but the experience made me so much more independent. I became a better cook, did things on my own I wouldn’t before, paid rent and bills, moved (four times), and done so many new things!

7. Career-ready

Obviously I learnt a lot on my degree, about the subject area, but I also learnt just as much during my placement. Each unit and all the tasks I did whilst working have made me feel ready for employment and confident in my abilities and skills.


Everyone’s journey at university is different, you’ll love thing and hate things but you’ll learn many different things along the way.

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