FLIE on LinkedIn

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FLIE is now on LinkedIn. A brand new page where you can follow the latest news from the FLIE team and the projects we are working on. We will be there to give you tips, showcase our content and announce events that we are putting together. In Geli’s words: “We aim for this channel to… Read more »

Academic success with LinkedIn – webinar

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Join this webinar, run by LinkedIn Learning, which looks at how Covid-19 has disrupted higher education and how blended learning, social distancing, and lockdowns will effect student outcomes. Academic Success with LinkedIn 9th June 2021, 1-2pm The webinar will look at the successful strategies universities can adopt to ensure that students receive a high quality… Read more »

The rise of the digital: Linkedin highlights its role in talent development

Staying relevant in the age of automation is what respondents said to the Linkedin workplace research that offers the backdrop to this years report on workplace learning. 68% of those surveyed preferred to learn at work when developing their digital skills, and expect their employers to create the space for this to happen. And ensuring… Read more »

Just out! The LinkedIn 2018 Workplace Learning Report

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The rise of the digital is transforming talent development… ==== Our research shows that today‚Äôs talent developer is being asked to balance competing demands from executives, managers, and employees alike: They must play a critical role in shaping future workforce strategy, while delivering hyper-relevant content to support employee needs of today, and cater these vast… Read more »

Making more use of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is used by employers across world to identify the best future employees and is an easy way for students to demonstrate all they have done in addition to their core degree study that makes them highly employable. These videos on using LinkedIn and self-quiz to identify good areas for up-skilling have been co-created by… Read more »