CELebrate workshop – From comfort zone to scary zone – enhancing employability skills through business simulation

Dr Roger Atkinson and myself delivered a workshop during the CELebrate event to share some of the innovative approaches we use in our teaching and learning to help prepare Level 6 Business Studies students for the world of work. The growing importance of graduate employability provided the basis of the presentation and was supported by… Read more »

Technology as a tool for inclusion: use and abuse in ‘classroom’ settings

Professor Jane Seale of the University of Exeter gave a fascinating keynote presentation at the recently concluded CELebrate 2016 at Bournemouth University. Her address centred on the theme Technology as a tool for inclusion: use and abuse in ‘classroom’ settings.  The presentation drew on a conceptual framework build on Practice; Voice and Digital Inclusion to depict… Read more »

Informal Learning in the Workplace

Professor John Cook of UWE gave a fascinating keynote address at the recently held CELebrate 2016 on the subject of Informal Learning in the Workplace. The address drew on a large European project on Learning Layers intended to develop technologies that support informal learning in the workplace, with particular focus on Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) within… Read more »

Challenging educational paradigms: The changing role of the learning technologist

Peter Bryant of the London School of Economics gave a thought provoking keynote  address at the recently held CELebrate 2016 on the subject Challenging educational paradigms: The changing role of the learning technologist. Here are some excerpts from the presentation: “The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed” –  William Gibson  ‘Six years ago, for the first… Read more »

Developing your digital skills with the help of students

Over the next 5 months, CEL is piloting a project in which BU students help BU staff to develop their digital skills, knowledge and confidence. Our pilot follows similar projects at other HEIs that have been both welcomed by staff and successful in helping staff. This help and support can be provided on a one-to-one… Read more »

“I’m not incoherent or immature”. Reviewing the Generic Assessment Criteria

CEL was asked to review the Generic Assessment Criteria (EDQ Document 6F) after concerns were shared by staff and students about the outdated language and tone of the document. A review group consisting of representatives from Faculties, Education Development and Quality (EDQ) and the Students Union has worked collaboratively with the CEL Theme Leader for… Read more »

Project flexibility increases future career success!

By Wendy Bardsley, Faculty of Management. The Faculty of Management held a project event recently which brought together a variety of Level Six Business Students who are working on their final year project. Faculty of Management Project Event March 2016 The event highlights the success of offering four different project options to undergraduates which gives… Read more »

Watch the 3 keynote presentations from CELebrate 2016

Three keynote presentations were made at CELebrate 2016 last week.  These are available as Panopto videos using the links below: #futurehappens – Challenging educational paradigms: The changing role of the learning technologist – Peter Bryant This talk explores the tensions and forces that are impacting on the role learning technology teams choose (or are required)… Read more »

Careers and Employability Workshop – Weds 27th April P406

Employability is a key driver in  higher education in the UK and internationally; the majority of students want to be employable at the end of their degree programmes in order to move seamlessly into the productive world of work. The Careers and Employability service are holding a workshop on Wednesday 27th April 2016  titled  “Careers… Read more »