New Publication: Doctoral Supervision Review Paper

A new review of Doctoral Supervision has been published in Encyclopedia 2023 by lead author Dr Martyn Polkinghorne (Associate Professor, BUBS/FLIE), in collaboration with co-authors Dr Julia Taylor, Dr Fiona Knight and Natalie Stewart from the Doctoral College. Encyclopedia is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal and the paper entitled Doctoral Supervision: A Best Practice Review [1] provides a summary of academic literature relating to doctoral supervision and considers the dimensions of good supervisory practice, discussing the relevant implications and impacts which can occur.

The paper considers the relationships between supervisors and the doctoral students; key facets of supervision from recruitment to completion, as well as pastoral aspects such as mentoring, and protecting the doctoral student’s mental health and wellbeing. This entry relates primarily to the UK model of supervising; practices concerning doctoral programmes in other countries may differ.

This overview provides an excellent introduction for any academic new to doctoral supervision on which to reflect before attending the New Supervisors Development sessions at BU. It may equally be of interest to those who are more established doctoral supervisors and are considering submitting an application for national recognition via the UKCGE Research Supervision Recognition Programme.


[1] Polkinghorne, M., Taylor, J., Knight, F. and Stewart, N. 2023. Doctoral Supervision: A Best Practice Review. Encyclopedia, 3(1), 46-59.

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