Enhanced microphones in the Fusion Building and Poole Gateway building

As a part of the Audio-Visual (AV) Project to enhance IT provision in teaching spaces we have recently upgraded the microphones in Fusion Building seminar rooms and Poole Gateway PC labs to improve the audio quality for recording and delivery of hybrid sessions. The focus of this work is to ensure the students have the best experience whether needing to join sessions online, potentially due to the impact of the pandemic or reviewing materials after a session where it has been appropriate for the session to have been recorded.

Microphone improvements

Whereas the previous recommended microphones were only able to capture a clear signal within a range of approximately 2 metres behind the lectern PC, the new microphones can capture a high-quality signal from anywhere in the room, and with a bias to focus on the presenter at the front of the room. This means the presenter can move more freely around the room and discussions involving students can be captured more fluently without the presenter having to paraphrase the key parts of a question. This also provides better accuracy when it comes to generating captions for recorded sessions. So, whether students are attending online or reviewing a recording they will benefit from a higher quality of audio accompanying any further material shared on screen.

The larger teaching spaces (Share, Create, Inspire) are not included in this upgrade as they are already equipped with clip-on mics that operate with an array of other microphones that are configured for the optimum quality within these spaces. Specialist teaching spaces in PGB are also exempt from this upgrade.

Your Feedback

To help guide further investment in AV provision across our campuses we would very much appreciate your feedback on these teaching spaces via this short survey.

Support and guidance

The new microphones are available to use with applications like Panopto, Zoom and Teams where they just need to be selected from the list of audio inputs.

Please note, these microphones are only active when selected by the presenter having launched one of the applications like Panopto, Zoom and Teams. They are not configured to record automatically and are not monitored remotely.

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