FLIE workshops next week

A reminder of our two FLIE workshops running online next week.

Teaching Large Cohorts – Wednesday 27 October

We are usually so busy that the experience of teaching and learning large cohorts is taken as a part of the job. However, the quality of the student experience, as well as our sense of worth and success as lecturers, is bound up with what unfolds by design, accident and while dealing with everyday issues. This workshop is an opportunity to reflect on how we can teach large classes by using tools and strategies that enable us to act as if the class is small. The workshop will be an opportunity to explore how some of the tools and strategies can be adapted for your practice.   

Inclusion, Equity and Social Justice – Friday 29 October

While the language of inclusion, equity and social justice is changing, BU’s visions of diversifying participation and of success in Higher Education remain a  key challenge for our practice both locally and nationally. This workshop will introduce the Equity Compass and explore ideas around how it can be mobilised at BU.   

The Equity Compass is a tool developed by the Youth Equity + STEM (YESTEM) project at University College London to support social justice practice. It helps to identify how and why particular practices may be more or less equitable. By mapping discipline-specific practices and data on past performance, it can help support collaborative planning for improvements in the right direction.

How do I join the sessions?

Both sessions will be running online via Zoom. No need to sign up, just follow these links at the date and time to participate in the Zoom sessions:

Further resources

See our calendar of events and watch our video resources on the Brightspace Staff Resources page.
For further support and guidance contact your Faculty Learning Technologist.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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