Formative feedback activities

At this point in the semester you might find these examples, from the BU Assessment & Feedback Toolkit, timely and useful.

Formative assessment is a formative task/assessment which is developmental for students’ learning but does not contribute to credit marks.

There are many ways in which to engage students in formative feedback activities that help to build their understanding of assessment and of the specific requirements of the units they are engaged in this semester.

Examples of formative assessment activities

Activity Feedback mode
Tests: diagnostic; multiple choice, quizzes  Self, peer, tutor, automated
Drafts, plans and proposals  Self, peer, tutor
Concept maps  Peer, tutor
Reflective writing, learning journal  Self
Role-play, real-play  Peer, tutor
Semi-formal discussion or debate  Self, peer, tutor
Individual/group presentation of work in progress  Peers
Crits  – students observe and critique the work of

peers, students from other years, practitioners.

Peer, tutor, guest
Online fora, discussions, blogs. Peers, tutor
Online Q&A/peer support forum Peers
Cumulative coursework eg portfolio, log, workbook Peers
Multi-stage submission of assessment Tutor
One-minute papers (see for examples) Tutor
In class worksheets Tutor
Peer teaching Peer, tutor
Interviews Peer, tutor
Storying – telling narratives from data Peer, tutor
Tests – in class, online. Self, peer, tutor, computer
Student designed revision questions Peers
Comparing model answers with marking criteria Self
Critiquing/marking examples against criteria Self, peer. tutor


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