Opportunity to shape the future development of the Brightspace assessment tools

As part of the product development process at D2L, they regularly consult with clients to inform their product decisions. With enhancements to the assessment tools scheduled for the next wave of development, D2L are currently looking for staff who would be interested in participating in structured research sessions to help shape the platform going forward. If you would be interested in participating in this work then read on and click the link below.

If you have feedback but don’t have the time to participate then send your thoughts and ideas to flie@bournemouth.ac.uk to help us inform this work.

Message from D2L:

As our Product Design team works to craft workflows to increase flexibility in options for assessing student work, we will be conducting a series of research projects.

D2L’s initial focus is on single marker and multi-marker workflows, research starting this month will focus on better understanding how these workflows are currently managed and challenges faced with that, as well as expectations for how these would be set up in Brightspace.

Later research will include getting feedback directly on proposed workflow designs for single marker and multi-marker, and later will focus on additional assessment use cases.

We would like to invite faculty, lecturers, programme support staff, and anyone else who is directly involved in assessing student work to participate in our research sessions.

To get involved, you can complete the sign-up form: D2L.com/UXResearch

We will ask for contact information and a few details about you work. Then we’ll contact them periodically to volunteer to participate in a particular study. Sessions are usually an hour long, and we offer a reward for your participation as a token of our appreciation. Currently, our sessions are run in English by a team in North America; we do our best to accommodate time changes.

We know this work is important to your institution and we are keen to include perspectives from your faculty in our research.

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