Talking HE Policy: why it matters – report on a session by Jane Forster and Debbie Holley

Thanks to Prof Liz Falconer for inviting us to ‘talk policy’ and sharing her expertise to enable us to deliver a creative virtual classroom session.

Exemplary policy advice – delivered with panache online! Jane Forster, policy adviser to the Office of the Vice Chancellor, working Department of Nursing Sciences’ Debbie Holley, delivered an engaging, interactive and in-depth session in the Virtual Classroom for our BU PGCert ‘students’. The unit, Scholarship for Professional Development incorporates education, research, and professional practice, and is an excellent example of embedding FUSION in the curriculum.   We talked things TEF, REF and KEF, had a very interactive discussion as we worked through the complexities of Government Policy and Higher Education; and then focused on the Teaching Excellence Framework. We looked at the complexity of the data, and then worked together to suggest ways in which the National Student Survey  (NSS) could be enhanced in different disciplines. Afterwards Jane tweeted:




Corona Virus – modelled by a student nurse


















Teaching during a pandemic: link to resources







Link to the slides

Link to video recording of session

Link to the recent BU policy blog/

Wider resources:

BU have lots of resources that can be shared, and the FLIE blog has examples of different approaches.

Assessment and feedback are always an area of interest in the NSS, and across the sector scores are lower than other NSS categories. BU has its own Assessment and Feedback Toolkit, designed by A&F theme leader Anne Quinney in FLIE, in partnership with visiting Professor Dai Hounsell, a world expert on assessment and feedback


Assessment and Feedback Toolkit



TEF and NSS: A managerial view

Importance and awareness of NSS improvement initiatives: A case study of final year undergraduate students

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