Co-Creation Awards 2019

This year the Centre for Excellence in Learning will be once again be offering awards for co-creation as we continue to promote the unique contribution that students and staff working together on discrete small-scale projects can bring. These projects contribute to the enrichment of teaching and learning, to future employability prospects, the development of research and the promotion of a vibrant learning environment.

We aim to promote and celebrate the excellent work done by staff and undergraduate students working together to co-create new knowledge. These projects are important as they demonstrate the spirit of collegiality and mutual respect between students and staff,  and opportunities for the development and mutual sharing of invaluable skills and expertise. The skills developed through engaging in co-creation activities and projects can lead to a deeper understanding of the university experience of teaching and learning, research and professional practice. Engaging in these projects can better equip students for the working environments they choose to enter after graduation.

In 2019 we will be offering up to 10 awards of £100 each. There will be a competitive bidding process and a celebration/awards event on the afternoon of May 2nd .  The awards will take the form of vouchers.

Previous successful projects have included:-  a report on images of homelessness in the Big Issue; a short video on understanding genetics; video game about ponds; setting up an on-line Law journal; exploring media and suicide; an analysis of the US elections; a day conference to share professional practice in Paramedic Science. Some of the projects were presented at  a previous  Undergraduate Research Conference.

How to apply

The application form asks you to provide the name of the student(s) and the academic partner who are working together, a short summary of your project or activity, and the potential positive impact the project will have on teaching & learning, research, or professional practice. The submission date is Monday 15th April. Please send your applications to

A panel to consider the applications will be chaired by a member of the CEL team and will include SUBU representation.

Recipients will be expected to write a blog about their co-creation activity which will be published on the Centre for Excellence blog and can also be submitted to your Faculty Blog.

SUBU will be publicising the Co-Creation Awards to students.

Contact: Anne Quinney, CEL Theme leader for Assessment and Feedback, for more information. Application form is attached.


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