Presentations from international conference: Academic Literacies and EAP

For those interested in Academic Literacies and English for Academic Purposes

Information on the event (212 November 2018)

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Academic Literacies and EAP: Same or different?

The theme of the first event organised jointly by ALDinHE and BALEAP was Academic Literacies and EAP: Same or different? The impetus for our topic stems from experience of EAP professionals increasingly being expected to teach home students and Learning Support professionals being expected to provide targeted support for international students. We believe that the two teaching specialisms may be gradually merging, and that, in any case, we have much to learn by sharing areas of contrast and overlap in our remits, roles, and practices.

  • Michel Mason and Caroline Hawthorne – Perspectives on academic writing: L1 and L2 student experiences within healthcare and hospitality foundation degree programmes
  • Sian Lund and Aleya James – ALL for one and one for ALL: Integrating EAP and Academic Literacies in a Graduate Diploma program
  • Dave Rush – EAP and Academic Skills: Idiot schoolmasters and troublesome knowledge
  • Sharon McCulloch and Tania Horák – Supporting students’ academic writing: Investigating the range of practice and what influences it
  • Hannah Jones – EAP and Academic Literacies: A fuzzy boundary in the classroom
  • Karen Matthewman and Conrad Heyns – A tale of two centres: How two leaders of different academic centres within a single London University have worked together to support their students
  • Rosella D’Alesio – Oracy as academic literacy learning from EAP!
  • Thomas Basbøll – Inframethodology: The underlying craft of research
  • Anika Easy – The good, the bad and the occasionally ugly: A collaboration between EAP and Learning Development professionals
  • Mary Davis – “I can’t get started”. How can EAP practitioners and learning support staff respond to students struggling with writer’s block?
  • Qasir Shah – The importance of Academic Literacies to EAP
  • Laryssa Whittaker and Stuart Wrigley – Looking inwards: A meta-analysis of an academic writing journal
  • James Ackroyd – A case study of an “Academic Skills” course devised by EAP lecturers but part delivered by lecturers from other disciplines
  • Paul Breen – More than talk around texts – incorporating knowledge and strategies into EAP and Academic Literacies teaching approaches

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