“Worth taking a LEAP of faith on the process”

We held a LEAP session with our colleagues from Paramedic Science (Alison, Pete, Iain, Adam and Chris) this morning.  The goal was to design a new unit, Emergency Care Fundamentals, which is to be delivered in November 2019.    Using the current unit structure as the base, the conversations ranged over  all elements of curriculum design: content, structure, engagement, learning approaches eg flipping, sequencing, methods, TEL and assessment and feedback.

Pete and Iain pondering the structure of the unit.

Chris and Peter discussing 20 of the 50 assessment strategies that were most suitable for this unit.


The feedback from colleagues included the comments:

  • A very useful process.  It’s good to lay out all the content to create a good overview.
  • Great session.  Liked breaking down unit sessions into learning types.  Makes you think about how units are taught.
  • Brain food.  Good to pull the unit apart and look at the content.
  • Very useful to visualise the learning methods used and to stimulate discussion in the teaching team.  Worth taking a LEAP of faith on the process.
  • An interesting approach to unit and assessment planning.

If you would like to learn more about LEAP, please contact David Biggins.

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