TBL 101 – The Introduction to Team-based Learning

TBL 101 – The Introduction to Team-based Learning. 10-12pm Wednesday 11th July 2018

Join us for TBL 101, the introduction to Team-based Learning (TBL), led by Dr Jonny Branney, Senior Lecturer in Adult Nursing and TBLC certified Team-based Learning Consultant-Trainer. In TBL 101 you will experience a TBL session for yourself and be invited to consider how you might use it to engage students and enhance their learning. Staff also report great job satisfaction from adopting this approach.

Jonny started using TBL in the adult nursing curriculum in 2015 to promote team-working and decision-making in the classroom (Read about those experiences in this paper). Most recently TBL has proved to be a useful model to allow engagement with practice, where a small number of NHS healthcare staff and expert patient(s) can interact and facilitate the student teams in the large group setting (lecture theatre). TBL goes much beyond healthcare and nursing however, indeed it was first developed to teach business studies and has been used in promoting learning of maths, history, economics, to name a few. Consequently this workshop is not discipline-specific – all are welcome.

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P.S. Don’t forget to do your pre-reading – in true TBL-style, you will be tested on it!

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