Pioneer in the gamification of education in Malta

Gabby Govus, a teacher at St Catherine’s High School, Pembroke, shares her experience of conducting digital literacy lessons in classrooms using Microsoft’s innovative IT tools over the past four years.

A group of students from our school were recently hosted by the Microsoft Innovation Centre for a Minecraft Education in the Classroom session. The event was led by Immersive Minds from Scotland, a company that specialises in creating innovative and transformative learning through digital technologies.

In 2009, when I started my teaching at St Catherine’s High school, this technology was still at its inception. Where we stand today is the result of nearly a decade of studies, risk taking and exploration of tools and resources that enable students to take control of their learning by immersing themselves in a self-driven and motivating methodology for learning.

For these past four years, besides carrying out my class teaching duties, the school entrusted me with the coordination of digital literacy lessons across the primary years. In these lessons, new skills were explored and applied in the classroom, including the use of innovative tools such as coding, Minecraft, embarking on eTwinning projects and communicating with Skype from inside the classroom.

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