Did you have a ‘try January’?

Creative Writing Workshop for Carnival U Led by the Fabulous Kip Jones

Many of us use January as the start of the year to get ourselves off to productive start and try introducing new habits. We start exercising, go on that diet we’ve been putting off or cut out alcohol.  BU’s Carnival University spent January 2018 trying new things. We first tried a new project management tool – the project canvas – a way of visualizing projects and improving communication. This was our first workshop for the year, led by Dr Nigel Williams, Project Management Lecturer for BU’s Department of  Leadership, Strategy and Organisation.

We also shook things up by having Carnival U students step into a teaching role. They learned about instructional design. This supported Carnival U’s project goal of having other students learn from the experience of Carnival U.  Below is a co-created video that can be used as part of a learning object on implementing a social media campaign. It was a created in a workshop led by an external instructional design consultant, Dr Alexandra Ott.

Finally, we got the chance to work with someone who took Carnival U completely outside of our comfort zone. The fabulous Dr Kip Jones, Reader in Performative Social Science, showed Carnival U how to use tools and techniques from the arts and humanities to write creatively to publicize Carnival U to different types of audiences.

Interested in anything we learned? Get in touch and we can tell you more about it or better yet tell us what new things you tried this January that might be of interest to Carnival U.


The BU Carnival University is made possible by a BU Learning and Teaching Fellowship Grant from CEL. Dr Nicole Ferdinand is one of BU’s four Learning and Teaching Fellows for 2017/18.





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