Interactive Employability Workshop – 5th October in PG30a 13:00 – 14:30 Placement Experience and Learning Motivations in HE

Dr James Gavin from the Department of Sport and Physical Activity will be delivering an interactive CEL workshop on Wednesday 5th October in PG30a at 13:00.

Dr Gavin’s research suggests motivation is critical for academic learning and achievement, and particularly student engagement in the first year at university. Based upon his recent paper, this workshop will provide insight into the changing learning motivations of students studying undergraduate degrees with (practice-based), and without (study-based) work placements.

The study found work placements can motivate by: contextualising learning (foster the theory-experience link), raising career awareness (understanding the job market/degree transferability), promoting self-reflection, and providing a career starting point. However, student motivations for learning varied between academic years.

The aim of the session is to help colleagues recognise opportunitiesĀ to promote student learning motivations in their own teaching and to explore examples to see how these could be adopted across a variety of programmes.

Do come along, this will be an interesting event!






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