New Members of the eTourism Lab


New Members of the eTourism Lab: Kim Boes, Devora Fileva, Ekaterina Volchek

The eTourism Lab at Bournemouth University has gotten four new members since November 2014. These are Kim Boes, Carmen Martins, Devora Fileva and Ekaterina Volchek. They all are very enthusiastic about being part of the eTourism Lab and are dedicated to assist with all its activities while at the same time focus on doing high quality tourism research.

Kim Boes is a PhD researcher at the eTourismLab at Bournemouth University, UK, researching Smart Tourism Destinations. Kim is originally from The Netherlands. Kim holds a Bachelor and a Master degree in Innovation and Management in Tourism, which was awarded with distinction, of the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg, Austria. Her master dissertation approached the topic of accessible tourism where Kim researched the cultural heritage experience of blind and visually impaired people.  Before joining Bournemouth University, she was working as a research assistant at the tourism research department at the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg in Austria.

Carmen Martins is a PhD researcher at the eTourismLab at Bournemouth University, UK, researching Innovation in Alternative Tourism. She is originally from Portugal and holds an MSc in Marketing and Advertising from Universidade Fernando Pessoa, Portugal (2013) where she wrote her dissertation about: “The impact of the internet in the purchase decision process of touristic products”. In 2011, Carmen started a new job in Communication and Marketing at Grupo Múltipla Escolha, a private company active in the field of sports, leisure and tourism.

Devora Fileva is a MSc student in Tourism Management and Marketing at Bournemouth University, UK, writing her dissertation about “Theming the Experience – Tourism Routes” and she is also involved in the EU project “Holy Grail Route”. She is originally from Bulgaria and in 2011 she graduated with distinction from NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands. She holds a Bachelor degree in International Tourism Management and Consultancy. Between 2011 and 2014, Devora used to be a Project Manager of EU tourism projects at the NGO Business Support Centre for SMEs – Ruse, Bulgaria.

Ekaterina Volchek is MSc student at School of Tourism at Bournemouth University, UK, interested in eTourism, ICT and Marketing. Ekaterina is from Belarus, where she graduated from Belarusian State University (2009) holding a degree in International Tourism Management. During 2009-2014 Ekaterina worked in a position of Tourism Department Manager at Solemare, Belarusian Tour Operator in the sphere of outbound tourism to Italy and France, dealing with Product Management, Online Marketing and Sales.

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