2018 New year and new papers

2018 Dimitrios Buhalis, Rosanna Leung, Smart hospitality—Interconnectivity and interoperability towards an ecosystem, International Journal of Hospitality Management, Volume 71, April 2018, Pages 41-50, ISSN 0278-4319, Viglia, G., Pelloia, M., & Buhalis, D. (2018). Information Technology in Hospitality Education. In Innovation in Hospitality Education (pp. 87-100). Springer, Cham. Molinillo, S., Liébana-Cabanillas, F., Anaya-Sánchez, R., &… Read more »

New Publication: Experience Value Co-creation on Destination Online Platforms

Abstract Technology is critical for facilitating the experience value cocreation process in tourism. Online platforms in particular enable consumers to develop realistic expectations and to cocreate their experiences. Limited empirical research has been done to investigate the experience value cocreation process, especially in tourism. This study fills this gap by proposing a cognition–emotion–behavior model. A… Read more »