Ekaterina Volchek

Ekaterina Volchek is a specialist in Tourism Marketing and Strategy with the focus on eTourism, Digital Marketing and ICT (Information and Communication Tecnologies), and the graduate of Bournemouth University.

Originally Ekaterina is from Belarus, where she graduated from Belarusian State University in 2009 with the degree in International Tourism Management. Ekaterina worked at one of the Belarusian outbound tour operators, where she was responsible for product management, marketing and sales. At the same time, being interested in online technologies for tourism, she used to managed company web site content and CRS (Computer Reservation system).

Ekaterina did her Master’s degree in Tourism Management and Marketing at Bournemouth University, UK. Her master thesis is done in the field of Tourism Marketing and Technology by conducting the research in multi-channel marketing attribution. In BU Katerina received the Best Master Tourism Student Award and the Postgraduate Development Award (2015).  She is also the holder of European Scholarship Scheme for Young Belarusians (ESSYB) (awarded in 2014) and Academic Excellence Scholarship Award (2014).

Now Ekaterina in a PhD candidate at the School of Hotel and Tourism Management (SHTM), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Her current interests include tourism marketing, business strategy with the focus on e-tourism and ICTs, and her PhD thesis is dedicated to personalisation technology and tourist satisfaction with it.

In October 2014 Ekaterina has joined Bournemouth University eTourism Lab. Since that time she has been an active member and one of the content managers of eTourism Lab blog.


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