Carmen Martins

Carmen Martins is currently a part-time PhD. Researcher at the School of Tourism, Bournemouth University, UK, where she writes her thesis about Innovation Practices in Alternative Tourism.

She holds an MSc in Marketing and Advertising from Universidade Fernando Pessoa, Portugal (2013) where she wrote her dissertation about: “The impact of the internet in the purchase decision process of touristic products”. At the beginning of her career she worked as journalist and a Portuguese teacher, she travelled and lived abroad throughout her studies and after that period she decided to finish her masters and specialize in marketing. In 2011, Carmen started a new job in Communication and Marketing at Grupo Múltipla Escolha, a private company active in the field of sports, leisure and tourism. During this period she develop her knowledge on the field and enhance her skills.

In 2013 she joined Bournemouth University where she currently works as a Research Assistant for the purpose of InRuTou Project ( and EUBike ( at the School of Tourism. Carmen is a student member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and her research interests are alternative tourism, marketing and innovation.

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