Research Topics

Professor Dimitrios Buhalis and eTourism Lab invite PhD and Master level Student, researchers and organisation for future collaboration. Bournemouth University eTourism Lab has bees working on several projects and currently is looking for prospective partners and funding in order to expand the research.

Please, see the list of the research topics we are currently working with:

  • Smart tourism, Smartness and Agility in Tourism 
  • Internet of things, Internet of Everything
  • Big Data and Distributed computing for Tourism 
  • Ambient Intelligence and Semantic Web for tourism  
  • Sharing economy and Peer to Peer co-creation 
  • Social media engagement and cocreation 
  • Social Media Return on Investment 
  • Social media, human resources and employment policies
  • Online public relationships and reputation management
  • Technology enabled Cocreation of experiences 
  • Experience economy and eTourism 
  • 3D printing and tourism experience
  • Peer to Peer services and coocreation 
  • Smart tourism and hospitality 
  • Hospitality experiences, marketing and distribution 
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality 
  • Gamification and Tourism 
  • Reputation management 
  • Social media and employment 
  • Wearables, tourism/leisure experience and consumer behaviour 
  • Technology enabled eTourism ecosystem
  • Real time cocreation and the service of now tourism 
  • Distribution channels for tourism and hospitality 
  • Digital / Virtual graffiti 
  • Accessible tourism and Tourism for all 
  • Allergens (Gluten, Lactose, Sugar, etc Free food) and inclusive hospitality 

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