Narrative Research Group

NRG visiting speaker – Dr Lincoln Geraghty (University of Portsmouth) – Nostalgia, Famdom and LEGO Collecting – Weds 10 February 4pm CG17

All very welcome at our next NRG visiting speaker session which will be at 4pm on Weds 10 February 2016 in CG17 – full details below… Wednesday 10 Feb 2016 CG17 Dr Lincoln Geraghty, University of Portsmouth (Re)Constructing Childhood Memories: Nostalgia, Fandom and the World of LEGO Collecting. LEGO’s shift to producing product tie-ins has… Read more »

Next NRG session – Weds 6 Jan, 4pm, W240 – ALL WELCOME

FOOD AND FOUCAULDIAN POWER ON TWO WEB FORUMS (Dr Francesco Buscemi, Bournemouth University) Please see below for details of this Wednesday’s guest lecture from NRG member Francesco Buscemi – hope to see you there! Wednesday 6 January, 4pm, W240 Narrative Research Group Guest Lecture Dr Francesco Buscemi, Bournemouth University Passing on Recipes or Passing an… Read more »

Weds 9 Dec: NRG speakers (4pm W240) and CsJCC book launch (5-7pm DG68)

           Next Wednesday’s guest lectures organised by the Narrative Research Group (4-5pm in W240) will be the second of two special sessions focusing on the international research of NRG members. Drs Richard Berger and Peri Bradley will be presenting work recently delivered at the Popular Culture Association Conference, entitled Activating Kafka: the double-logic of an… Read more »

Inge Award 2015 received by Julia Round

In March 2015 I received QR funding to attend the Popular Culture Association conference in New Orleans with colleagues from the CsJCC. This was a fantastic experience due to the scale and scope of this international conference. It is split into a number of strands and I found many that informed my research (Adaptation, Gothic, Children’s Literature – and, of… Read more »

Next NRG Visiting Speaker Session – Drs Trower and Murphy on their AHRC-project on gendered reading

The next NRG visiting speaker session will take place on Wednesday 11 November, 4pm, in W241. All very welcome as always!   “She used to get lost in a book”: approaching gendered reading using two archives (Memories of Fiction and 100 Families)   Dr Shelley Trower and Dr Amy Tooth Murphy (University of Roehampton)    In… Read more »

NRG monthly visiting speaker sessions

The NRG sessions began last month on Wednesday 14 October with the first of two sessions showcasing international research. Drs Sam Goodman and Julia Round presented papers they delivered at the 2015 Popular Culture Association Conference (details below), which was held in March 2015 in New Orleans. The second of these PCA sessions will take place on Weds 9… Read more »

Visiting Scholar from Huelva Reports on Her Visit to BU

Since the findings in my last publication (Rodríguez Arrizabalaga 2014) have awakened in me, as a linguist, a new interest in the linguistic dimension of the English media, last February I applied for a three-week research visit at the  Faculty of Media and Communication (Bournemouth University) due to its internationally recognised status in this particular… Read more »

Emma Grundy-Haigh NRG Session – ‘She Steeled Herself For Action’: Women, Heroism and Espionage in Fiction

On Wednesday 14 January Emma Grundy Haigh (PhD student at Goldsmiths) presented her paper on ‘Women, Heroism and Espionage’ to our Narrative Research Group. Emma’s argument proceeded from the premise that that the figure of the spy is often used to make sense of changes within the social order and that the female spy can… Read more »

Women, Heroism and Espionage in Fiction (NRG visiting speaker – Weds 14 January 2015, 4-5pm, PG144)

Tomorrow our Narrative Research Group’s visiting speaker is Emma Grundy Haigh from Goldsmiths, who will be speaking about lady spies in world war fiction (abstract below). It’s 4-5pm in PG144 and all are very welcome! Best, Julia ABSTRACT: ‘She steeled herself for action’: Women, Heroism and Espionage in Fiction Bold (1993) argues that the figure… Read more »

Rosie Sherwood NRG session – ‘What is Book?’

On Wednesday 10 December the Narrative Research Group held its last session of the year hosted by artist, publisher and independent scholar Rosie Sherwood. Through experimentation with different mediums: the book form, sculpture, photography and text, Rosie has played with the language of the comic book to visualise the theories of time in the literature… Read more »