JRG Visiting Researchers

Ricardo Almeida Dias

Ricardo is a Visiting Researcher at Bournemouth University during the autumn term in 2012, overseen by Prof Stuart Allan. He is working towards a PhD at Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil, on how to teach science journalism to undergraduate students. Last semester, he gave a 20 hour-course at the university and he is now analysing this data for his thesis. The research attempts to answer if it is possible to approach the scientific process in science journalism instead of the science based on results, as we normally encounter on media. Therefore, his goal is to provide an environment which engages with the whole process of science, where history, sociology, politics are taken into account.

During his visit to Bournemouth University, Ricardo will study the relationship between science, media and society with emphasis on aspects of science that generate controversies and conflict between stakeholders and media audiences. In addition, he will be studying science journalism in online environments, including exploring how to teach this topic to journalism undergrad students.