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Lunch with Leveson: post-inquiry reflections of a former hack (Andy Bissell)

As lunch dates go, it was rather awkward. Sir Brian was tucking in when, mid-sandwich, he peered at me over his glasses. The small cheese triangle was temporarily spared consumption as Lord Justice Leveson digested my question. We were sitting in a well-appointed boardroom above a state-of-the-art newsroom in Southampton and I had posed the… Read more »

Sometimes the depiction of violence is necessary. Deal with it, Mr Cameron (Mat Charles)

This week David Cameron celebrated a small victory after a spat with Facebook. The social network backed down on the publication of violent material after pressure from the British PM and complaints from users. The row erupted after a video showing a woman being beheaded in Mexico sparked outcry. Facebook said on Monday that it… Read more »

Mental Health stigma, a hurdle in preventing disease (Ann Luce)

I lost a great teacher this week. Choje Akong Rinpoche was a Tibetan Buddhist Lama and the co-founder of the SamyeLing Monastery in Scotland. According to media reports he was murdered on Tuesday 8th October, while visiting China along with his nephew and a monk who was travelling with him. I first met Rinpoche during… Read more »

Bono: Neoliberal ‘common sense’ and dealing with the ‘cranky left’ (Nathan Farrell)

During one of his regular fact-finding missions in Africa, rock star Bono set aside time from the rest of his entourage – which included high profile Republicans and corporate leaders – for an interview with The Observer’s Tim Adams. As is the custom with well-known figures from entertainment, a portion of the interview dealt with Bono’s… Read more »