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MA Literary Media student Kat Hendrickx on the Ageless Agatha Christie Conference (Exeter University, 20-21 June 2016)

I was fortunate to have been offered the opportunity to present my paper “Detecting the movement of meaning: A examination of Christie in both world and national context” at the third annual Ageless Agatha Christie Conference organised by Mia Dormer and Dr Jamie Bernthal. The one and a half day conference was held at the… Read more »

CsJCC Writing Retreats: ‘Efficient and relaxing!’

The CsJCC convened a series of writing retreats this month at Hotel Miramar in Bournemouth for its academics to set aside some time to write. With other pressures and distractions often eating into research time, the retreats aimed to provide a relaxing and recuperative space so CsJCC academics could focus on writing or progressing research projects…. Read more »

What’s this ‘channel’ thing anyway? (Kevin Marsh)

That decision to shift BBC3 to iPlayer is one of the most important DG Tony Hall has made. Possibly, the most important he’ll make in his time at the top of the BBC. Why? After all, BBC3 is a niche channel – though, according to BARB’s February figures, it’s no small niche, outperforming Sky 1 for example…. Read more »

Lunch with Leveson: post-inquiry reflections of a former hack (Andy Bissell)

As lunch dates go, it was rather awkward. Sir Brian was tucking in when, mid-sandwich, he peered at me over his glasses. The small cheese triangle was temporarily spared consumption as Lord Justice Leveson digested my question. We were sitting in a well-appointed boardroom above a state-of-the-art newsroom in Southampton and I had posed the… Read more »

Sometimes the depiction of violence is necessary. Deal with it, Mr Cameron (Mat Charles)

This week David Cameron celebrated a small victory after a spat with Facebook. The social network backed down on the publication of violent material after pressure from the British PM and complaints from users. The row erupted after a video showing a woman being beheaded in Mexico sparked outcry. Facebook said on Monday that it… Read more »

Mental Health stigma, a hurdle in preventing disease (Ann Luce)

I lost a great teacher this week. Choje Akong Rinpoche was a Tibetan Buddhist Lama and the co-founder of the SamyeLing Monastery in Scotland. According to media reports he was murdered on Tuesday 8th October, while visiting China along with his nephew and a monk who was travelling with him. I first met Rinpoche during… Read more »

Bono: Neoliberal ‘common sense’ and dealing with the ‘cranky left’ (Nathan Farrell)

During one of his regular fact-finding missions in Africa, rock star Bono set aside time from the rest of his entourage – which included high profile Republicans and corporate leaders – for an interview with The Observer’s Tim Adams. As is the custom with well-known figures from entertainment, a portion of the interview dealt with Bono’s… Read more »