Journalism Research

The Journalism Research Group brings together colleagues and PhD students from across the Media School interested in exploring an array of issues shaping journalism today. Research projects currently underway revolve around topics such as:

  • online news
  • digital convergence
  • news and globalization
  • media policy, especially the BBC
  • citizen journalism
  • science news
  • news reporting of crisis, conflict and war
  • videojournalism
  • young people and the media

The Group’s expertise in journalism – both academically and professionally – and its extensive connections with news and journalism researchers internationally, means it is very well-placed to build on these projects by offering specialised, research-based training and consultancy services to news professionals and news organisations.

The Journalism Research Group welcomes proposals from prospective PhD students in any of the above areas or generally within the field of journalism studies. For further information or to make an application, please contact our research administrator Jan Lewis