Narrative Research Group

Real Lives, Celebrity Stories Book Launch

To celebrate the launch of Real Lives, Celebrity Stories, edited by Julia Round and Bronwen Thomas, NRG will host an event at 3p.m on 29 January in the Casterbridge Suite.  The book was inspired by NRG’s first symposium, ‘Keeping it Real’, held in 2010, and features contributions from many colleagues in the Media School, including… Read more » about Real Lives, Celebrity Stories Book Launch

Sebastien Doubinsky NRG Talk on 4 December

On Wednesday 4 December at 3p.m in TAG01, Sebastien Doubinsky from the University of Aarhus in Denmark will present a paper on the fiction of Michael Moorcock and William S. Burroughs to the Media School’s Narrative Research Group. Dr Doubinsky is a science fiction author of international renown (Absinth and the Song of Synth; Babylon Trilogy; Quien… Read more » about Sebastien Doubinsky NRG Talk on 4 December

NRG workshop on Future Foresight with Sue Thomas

Dr Sue Thomas was recently appointed as a Visiting Fellow in The Media School. She was formerly Professor of New Media at De Montfort University, where she established a Transdisciplinary Common Room with an emphasis on Future Foresight.  Sue works closely with members of the university’s Narrative Research Group and we are delighted that she… Read more » about NRG workshop on Future Foresight with Sue Thomas

Narrative Research Group Seminars Get Underway

The first of our talks this term will take place on Wednesday 30 October at 2p.m in TAG01.  All welcome. Our speaker is Hywel Dix, NRG member and Senior Lecturer in English and Communication. The abstract for Hywel’s talk follows.   Marking and Re-marking: Tracing the Tattoo in Crime and Detective Narratives Implicit in its… Read more » about Narrative Research Group Seminars Get Underway

Turning Research into Film

  Congratulations to Kip Jones and Trevor Hearing whose chapter ‘Turning Research into Film’ has just been published in Marilyn Lichtman’s new book on Qualitative Research. In an expansion of an earlier interview conducted by Trevor, Kip illuminates several of his responses with quotes from the story development for the award-winning, research based short film,… Read more » about Turning Research into Film

NRG Updates

NRG is pleased to welcome Dr Sam Goodman who has just started a new post at BU teaching linguistics and literature.  You can find out more about Sam and our other members in the STAFF section on this site. Meanwhile, NRG members have been keeping busy over the summer. Hywel Dix submitted a paper entitled… Read more » about NRG Updates

The Digital Reading Network

    Following on from their previous AHRC research development award, Bronwen Thomas and Julia Round have been successful in gaining further funding, this time to set up an international research network exploring the impact of digitisation on readers and reading. The Digital Reading Network also includes NRG members Simon Frost and Sue Thomas.  Over… Read more » about The Digital Reading Network

The Literature of an Independent England

What are the implications of the increasing push for separate nationhood in Scotland and Wales for how we define cultural and political nationalism in England? What kind of effect might the ‘break-up of Britain’ have on the ways in which Englishness itself is conceptualised in cultural and political discourse? What changes in political and civic… Read more » about The Literature of an Independent England

Reality Television Conference July 5-6

NRG are delighted to be supporting the following event:   Proposals are invited for papers (of 20 minutes length) considering the contemporary potential of reality television for an academic media conference held by The Media School in Bournemouth University, at Kimmeridge House on Talbot Campus.  There will be no registration fees for accepted papers. Confirmed plenary speakers include: Professor Stella Bruzzi of… Read more » about Reality Television Conference July 5-6

Rufus Stone Screening and Discussion

NRG recently hosted a screening of BU’s award-winning 30-minute film, Rufus Stone, in Kimmeridge House. Following the film, Kip Jones (HSC & Media School)  discussed the use of narrative research, biography and autobiography in creating the film’s story and script.  Rufus Stone is the culmination of an ESRC NDA three-year research project that explored the biographies of older… Read more » about Rufus Stone Screening and Discussion