Visiting fellowships 2018

CIPPM invites applications for visiting fellowships, to carry out independent research and study at Bournemouth University. Fellowships are open to both early-career as well as experienced researchers with a specific interest in any of the focus areas of the Centre. The selected applicants will be expected to engage with CIPPM faculty and students, contributing to the… Read more »

Event report: New Approaches to the Orphan Works Problem

Friday 23 June 2017 Crowdsourcing is one of the great innovations of the 21st century, but can it help address the issue of diligent search in the use of orphan works? … Read the full report by Hayleigh Bosher on the IPKat (with contributions from PhD researchers Emile Douilhet, Dukki Hong and Matej Gera) >> Programme

Google money and research ethics: a response by professor Borghi to The Times

In an article published on the front page of the Times on 13 July, entitled “Google pays academics millions for key support”, researchers of Bournemouth University have been accused of not disclosing funds received by Google to support the tech giant’s policy interests. The allegation is based on a report issued by a US group called… Read more »

Angela Daly – From autonomous Internet users to 3D printing futures: decentralised law?

Research seminar – Wednesday 21 June, 16.00, Room F110 (Fusion Building) Various technological developments over the last two decades, their accessibility to the average person and their socio-economic implementations have led to a decentralising tendency on the nature of production and organisation. Prominent among these have been: the Internet (decentralised production & dissemination of information);… Read more »