New faculty member of CIPPM: Research Economist Antanina Garanasvili

Antanina Garanasvili has joined CIPPM as Research Economist in October 2018. Antanina will work with researchers from CIPPM and the Cyber Security Unit of Bournemouth Unversity on a study on illegal IPTV and cardsharing in the European Union. Antanina is a PhD Candidate at the University of Padua and visiting PhD researcher at Queen Mary… Read more »

Why tech giants have little to lose (and lots to win) from new EU copyright law: an opinion by prof. Borghi published on The Conversation

The newly approved EU copyright directive has been largely described as an encroachment on bargaining power of US tech giants like Google and Facebook vis-à-vis European publishers and copyright holders. In an article published by The Conversation (here), prof. Borghi explains why, in reality, the directive will benefit Internet giants more than publishers, creators and European… Read more »

CIPPM research at the EYE International Conference 2018

On Sunday 27 May, CIPPM researcher Claudy Op den Kamp, chaired a panel presentation in Amsterdam at the EYE International Conference—Activating the Archive, which featured Professor Peter Jaszi, CREATe researcher Bartolomeo Meletti, and Bournemouth University lecturer and film producer Wendy Bevan-Mogg. The panel, entitled ‘Resisting Copyright and Its Archival Implications’ highlighted several aspects of recent… Read more »

EnDOW Final Conference – EUIPO, Alicante

Orphan works (a work in which the copyright holder is unknown or cannot be located) are a significant issue worldwide, but they impact the cultural heritage sector most severely. In 2006, the US Copyright Office identified the orphan works problem as one of the major obstacles to “productive and beneficial uses” of works that have… Read more »