Open Standards in Government IT

The Cabinet Office has commissioned an independent study on the costs and benefits of introducing an open standards policy for software interoperability, data and document formats in government IT requirements. Academics from the Centre for Intellectual Property Policy & Management (CIPPM) at Bournemouth University have prepared a review of the evidence on the competition and… Read more » about Open Standards in Government IT

Changes to UK Copyright Law

In 2011, the government initiated┬áthe Hargreaves Review; an independent review of intellectual property, carried out by Professor Ian Hargreaves. The UK government is now considering making changes to the existing Copyright, Designs and Patents Act (CDPA 1988). CIPPM has created a series of short videos┬áto explore some of these proposals and the arguments on both… Read more » about Changes to UK Copyright Law

Copyright Contracts and Earnings of Visual Creators

Elizabeth the First, artist unknown

Study commissioned by DACS. The aim is to create an independently validated evidence base as a guide for policy makers, in particular in relationship to copyright issues in the digital environment. The core of the project was a survey carried out in summer 2010, covering professional profiles of visual creators, sources of earnings, contractual practices and trends over time.

Authors’ Earnings from Copyright and Non-Copyright Sources

AUTHORS’ EARNINGS FROM COPYRIGHT AND NON-COPYRIGHT SOURCES: A SURVEY OF 25,000 BRITISH AND GERMAN WRITERS Martin Kretschmer and Philip Hardwick Released 13 July 2007 In 2005, the UK Collecting Society ALCS commissioned a comparative study on authors’ earnings from a team of lawyers and social scientists at CIPPM. The aim was to create an independently… Read more » about Authors’ Earnings from Copyright and Non-Copyright Sources