CIPPM Study outlines experiences of implementing flexible copyright exceptions from around the world

On Thursday 15th February 2024, 13.00-14.30 (BST) Dinusha Mendis, Ben White and Dukki Hong will present the research findings from their recently completed project ‘Copyright and Open Norms in Seven Jurisdictions: Benefits, Challenges and Policy Recommendations’.

The event will be hosted as a live webinar by Knowledge Rights 21 which funded the research project. The event is the culmination of this 2-year funded project which has been completed by the researchers.

The project takes a deep-dive into considering a different approach to the copyright rules that determine what researchers, educators, learners and the libraries can do. An “open norm” refers to a “general, flexible exception” to copyright law and the findings highlight how countries such as Canada, Israel, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Sri Lanka transitioned to an open norm.

The researchers will outline the benefits and challenges of doing so; the impact it has had in the technology, education, research and library sector; interpretation of open norms by the judiciary; and its use during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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