Why extra curriculum activities are important for your personal statement

When applying for university your personal statement is there to help place you above the other candidates, make you stand out and is really there to show off your skills, some personality, and your past qualifications to show why you should be picked over another person. As much as it may feel weird to write… Read more »

How to get work skills and experience for your personal statement

Boosting your CV and personal statement with different work skills and experiences can be a really good idea, placing yourself above those that may not have the experience but same level of education. Every year thousands of students finish school and college, but what sets you apart? If you’re competing against your peers and cohorts,… Read more »

Not wanting 6th form and college to end and having to grow up

College and sixth-form is an exciting time, its when you first start to feel smaller parts of yourself become independent, whilst also having a school like network behind you still supporting you. In the UK, it is now a legal requirement to stay in education until you are 18. So when it comes to university… Read more »