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As international students, starting university in a new country brings not only academic challenges but also the need to navigate financial responsibilities. One area that many of us explore to support our living expenses and gain experience is part-time work.

University Support:

The university recognises the importance of part-time work for international students and offers amazing support through its Careers Team. This dedicated team provides invaluable resources such as job sites, assistance with CV writing, and interview preparation, all free of charge. They also extend their support beyond part-time work, helping in finding placements and employment after uni.

On-Campus Opportunities:

The university itself presents tons of part-time work options tailored to suit students’ schedules and interests. From roles within the Student Union to becoming a Student Ambassador, these positions offer flexibility and competitive pay. I started a year ago as a student ambassador to cover some living costs, starting with simple shifts from writing a blog to working during open days. After a year of working there, I was able to secure a more fixed role, working for the international marketing team 2 days a week 9-5. From here I was able to gain tons of office experience, from leading teams to managing high-profile projects. Through this alone, I have been able to save around 800 pounds a month which has supported my living costs in times when I needed extra money and also for spontaneous travel or two.

Exploring Off-Campus Options:

For those seeking jobs beyond the campus, Bournemouth offers a diverse range of opportunities in cafes, retail stores, and more. Despite the visa restrictions limiting us to 20 hours of work per week, there’s still plenty of scope to find suitable part-time jobs. Whether it’s serving coffee at a local café or assisting customers in a retail store like Boots, off-campus work provides a chance to immerse oneself in the local community while earning extra income.

Navigating Visa Regulations:

We international students must be mindful of visa regulations governing part-time work. We must follow the maximum of 20 hours per week limit to ensure compliance with our visa requirements if on a T4 Student Visa. It’s essential to keep this restriction in mind while exploring job opportunities both on and off campus.

In conclusion, part-time work presents international students with a multitude of benefits beyond financial support. It offers opportunities for personal and professional growth, networking, and cultural immersion. With the support of Bournemouth University’s Careers Team and a proactive approach to seeking work, part-time jobs become not just a means to an end but an integral part of our academic journey, enriching our overall experience as international students.

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