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This is a guest blog by Yaw Preko (MBA) Master’s of Business Administration

Navigating the intricacies of the visa application process and arranging travel tickets presented significant hurdles on my path to studying abroad. With limited knowledge about these procedures, I sought assistance from a trusted agent, adding to the already substantial financial burden of tuition fees. Despite the initial anxiety surrounding these expenses, the relief upon successfully obtaining the visa was immeasurable, particularly witnessing the pride and reassurance reflected in my parents’ faces. It validated their unwavering support and the sacrifices they had made to facilitate my educational pursuits.

The anticipation of departing for the UK was tinged with a sense of melancholy as I bid farewell to my family, knowing that our separation would be prolonged. However, the excitement of embarking on this transformative journey overshadowed these emotions until an unexpected obstacle arose at the airport. Faced with unforeseen fees and complications regarding my ticket, the euphoria of the impending adventure was momentarily eclipsed by frustration and uncertainty, a scenario familiar to many international students navigating the complexities of travel and relocation.

Yet, upon arrival at Bournemouth University, the challenges of the journey began to recede, gradually replaced by a sense of belonging and purpose. While acclimating to a new environment posed its own set of challenges, the rich tapestry of cultural diversity within the MBA program provided a welcoming backdrop for forging meaningful connections and friendships. Despite occasional setbacks, including academic and personal adjustments, perseverance and resilience became my guiding principles, enabling me to overcome obstacles and thrive in my academic pursuits.

Completing my MBA marked a significant milestone, yet it was the opportunity to participate in Bournemouth University’s student placement program that truly solidified my journey’s success. Securing a position within the university’s marketing and communications department not only offered invaluable professional experience but also alleviated the financial strain of my educational investment. With each passing day in this role, I am reminded of the transformative power of perseverance, determination, and the unwavering support of my loved ones.

As I reflect on my journey thus far, I am filled with a profound sense of gratitude for the opportunities that have unfolded and the personal growth that has ensued. While the decision to pursue higher education abroad was met with its fair share of challenges and uncertainties, the rewards and experiences garnered along the way reaffirm the wisdom of that choice. With each step forward, I am increasingly optimistic about the future and the myriad possibilities that lie ahead, confident in the belief that my investment in education and the choice of Bournemouth University as my academic home will continue to yield dividends for years to come.



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