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College and sixth-form is an exciting time, its when you first start to feel smaller parts of yourself become independent, whilst also having a school like network behind you still supporting you. In the UK, it is now a legal requirement to stay in education until you are 18. So when it comes to university it can be the first time it really feels like you have a choice to stay in education or go straight to the work place, and with no external, legal, pressures to keep you, it can be scary to know this is completely your own decision.

Growing up and making your own decisions can be scary, but it is something we all have to do and don’t get much choice in. Once its happens though and you finally start making your own decisions, it will feel natural and you will forget what you were concerned about.

Leaving sixth-form, you may feel as though you could lose the institution that keeps all your friends together. When in reality, it enables you to expand your friendship groups, discover more about yourself and what gives you passion. Allowing your relationship bonds to grow, strengthen and give you time to find yourself and expand your own knowledge for the nest step in your life.

If you are finding it hard to accept the fact that you will one day have to leave college/ sixth-form and move on to your next step, you can always talk to them about it, they will have someone available to talk to you and help you come to terms with your new chapter.

If you are finding it increasingly difficult, you can talk to your parents or guardians or friends who are also going through the same transition. There are hundreds of students going through the same issues every year, and discussing your worries and concerns can help not only yourself but others too.

Finding the decision to go to university or take then next step too much? Take a year out. You can still apply to universities and disclose that you may be thinking if taking a year out, therefore apply to go the following year. Many universities may still give you unconditional offers or some may just want to wait until after you get your results. Universities can still accept you, just like peers going the same year, but allowing a place in the following academic year. Within the year you take out you can work and save up money, possibly even take a year qualification, volunteer or do work experience to boost your personal statement, more information about that this can be found in other blogs available, or even just use the time to wait and feel more prepared to attend your next chapter.

Remember hundreds of students feel the same way about leaving sixth-form every year, and sometimes what feels like anxiety is actually excitement! Sometimes people just take longer then others to adjust and come to terms with the fact they need to grow up. No matter how long it takes, it is ok and you shouldn’t worry. Technically whilst at university you still don’t quite feel like an adult even if you’re ‘cooking’ (beans on toast) and ‘cleaning’ one area of your house 😉

If you do feel concerned, there are lots of people available and willing to talk to you whenever you feel ready and when you come to university including SUBU.


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