The virtual voluntary project on sustainability and how it made my summer break more meaningful

Summer break is not only a great time for us to relax but also opens unique opportunities to learn and develop new skills and meet new people. To make my first summer break in the UK more memorable, I applied for a 3-week virtual voluntary project with the People & Planet and participated in a… Read more »

Get involved! Volunteering at BU

University brings to mind thoughts of opportunity and ways to get involved – and what better way to get involved than giving back to your community? I personally find volunteering a really rewarding and fun way to get involved in local (and not so local!) events and give back to the community. Bournemouth University offers… Read more »

Why should you volunteer?

My name is Sandra Achim and I’m studying MSc Events Management. Before, I came here I thought that university was just about studying, but I’ve changed my opinion. Here at Bournemouth University and in Bournemouth, there are lots of opportunities for students to be involved in different activities and be part of a community with… Read more »

5 reasons to start volunteering

Hi there! I am Nikki Mennen from the Netherlands and studying MA in Creative Writing and Publishing. When I was sixteen years old, I decided to take at least one volunteering opportunity every year. Why? Let me give you five reasons! You help others Well, first of all you are helping others. Volunteering often evolves… Read more »