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GCSE exams happen every year and hundreds of students go through them and sometimes this is easy to forget when you sit looking at your exam timetable wondering where on earth to start. Although some people may naturally excel at recalling information they’ve learnt, others may struggle a bit more. A key thing to keep in mind is the more you practice, the more confident you will become. Confidence can make a really big difference in how well you feel before taking an exam. Here are some exam tips to think about to help maximise your exam success.

  1. Revise.
    Of course this is a given thing to do and is something unfortunately no one can avoid. Just because other people say they don’t revise doesn’t mean they aren’t or you shouldn’t. Always try to get revision done or started early so you have more time to find out what you need to work on and to give yourself enough time to remember all the information at a good pace, so there is no need to rush. For more revision techniques be sure to check out our other guides on revision.
  2. Don’t rely on cramming.
    Never rely on last minute revision to get you through the exam, if anything it could just end up increasing stress and reducing the amount of sleep you get before the exam, making you tired. The night before the exam should be for getting your equipment together and relaxing, not for increasing stress.
  3. Use everything available.
    Ask for access to past papers which you can complete for more practice, and even ask your teacher to grade them so you know where to focus. Make sure you attend if after school revision is available or at break and lunch time to maximise learning. Just remember that you can have time to catch up on social events after exams and have the whole summer to chill out, so use your time wisely.
  4. Ask for help.
    At the end of the day teachers are there to help, if you don’t understand something during the lesson or want to recap anything, make a note and ask them to go through it with you after class, and if they don’t have time, ask for a lunch, break or after school they are available.
  5. Take out time for yourself.
    Revision and prep is necessary for exams, but make sure you have some time out for your mental health. If you are revising 24/7 and have high stress levels this could make you ill and can effect your exam performance or force you to take time out. Always prioritise your own health and take a day off when needed. Check out our other blogs and vlogs on how to keep cool during exams.
  6. Find out what works for you.
    Most tips that you will find are either generalised or specific to who your asking. What works for others may not work for you, so remember that everyone is different and you may have to try many different things before finding your own style.

Just try to keep your cool and don’t stress. Exams happen to everyone so your not alone in how your feeling. If it gets too much make sure you seek help and ask for advice. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses so if you aren’t the best at one subject, doesn’t mean you don’t excel at another. it just takes time to discover your own method and its ok no matter how long it takes.

You’ve got this.

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