What you can do outside of your degree at BU

Completing a degree at Bournemouth University has been amazing, but I’d say everything else I did on the side made this experience that much more rewarding. Here are a few things you too can do alongside your studies at BU that can help keep you balanced but also help you in the future. Please be… Read more »

Placement experience inspiration for final year projects and direction for graduating

This is a guest blog post by current student Megan Voice, studying BA (Hons) Media Production who secured a B2B Marketing Associate role at Lenovo. Megan Voice: https://www.linkedin.com/in/megan-voice-media-production-marketing/ The three words to describe my placement search would be challenging, daunting and informative. The three words to describe my placement experience would be valuable, varied and… Read more »

Studying abroad in the Algarve

This is a guest blog by current student ÁrdĂ­s Aslaugardottir studying BA (Hons) Events Management Hello! I am ÁrdĂ­s, an Icelandic BA (Hons) Events Management undergraduate at Bournemouth University. At first, I wasn’t really that excited to do a semester abroad because at Bournemouth University I’m already technically ‘studying abroad’. That said, my best friend… Read more »

My work placement at The Urban Guild

This is a guest blog by current student Chloe Grant, studying BA (Hons) Communications and Media at BU. Placement Job Title: Marketing & PR assistant Placement length: 44 weeks Three words to describe your placement search: Eye-opening, straightforward, educational What did you find the most helpful in your placement search: Going to see my Placement… Read more »

My placement year with Pacific Asia Travel Association

This is a guest blog by current student Deepam Ramchurn, studying BA (Hons) Tourism. I chose BU specifically because it offered me the chance to take a placement year, and I was impressed by the connections the university has with big companies in the industry. I knew that doing a placement would give me the upper hand over other students once I’d… Read more »