The Night Is Young. . .

By Patricia Obawole 1st year BU Student, LLB (Hons) Law Choosing clothes.Pre-drinks.Going out.Taxi’s. Coming back. I suppose nightlife is part and parcel of being at university and it’s what most students look forward to. FRESHERS! A week of tangling with the people you have just met, trying to remember which flat and door is yours… Read more » about The Night Is Young. . .

Clearing 2013

It’s that time of year when many of you are making the all-important decisions about your future. If you’re looking to go to university but didn’t quite meet the 30 June UCAS deadline, or you didn’t receive any offers from your initial university choices, or perhaps your exam results weren’t as you’d expected, then Clearing… Read more » about Clearing 2013

Amazing Achievement for a BU Graduate

By Martin Aufinger BU Graduate, MA Digital Effects Last year, Daniel Kleinman approached Framestore to collaborate on the opening sequence for James Bond’s twenty-third film. I was part of the core 3D team working on the iconic title sequence. It was a truly unique experience working on such an iconic franchise. A very exciting and unusual… Read more » about Amazing Achievement for a BU Graduate

Why do a placement?

By Cassie Melrose BU Graduate, BA (Hons) Retail Management Having a placement year was one of the main things that attracted me to Retail Management at Bournemouth Uni. I, along with many of my peers, wanted to work as a buyer in a retail fashion head office and knew how competitive roles like this were…. Read more » about Why do a placement?