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SUBU Advice to the rescue

During my first year at university, I fell upon hard times. Through little fault of my own, I ended up having to wait almost an entire year for my student loan to come through, and really did fit the penniless student stereotype. But I didn’t need to look any further than Bournemouth University’s SUBU Advice team for help.

Just above Dylan’s Bar, that appeared to solve all my problems – I stumbled upon SUBU Advice. I wandered on up the stairs to find Alexis Drayson- an advice worker and part of the student union family, Alexis kindly began to help. Throughout my first uncertain year at Uni, she gently guided and encouraged me back on my feet. It is her service and that of the rest of the team at SUBU Advice which I would strongly recommend.

Working with the Advice team

I now have the pleasure of working alongside David, Alexis and Barbara who do an incredible job providing students from all walks of life with support, advice and guidance on everything from academic offences to housing issues and individual assistance in-between. Unlike websites and leaflets, they provide the personal touch Monday to Friday.

They firstly arm you with the information you need on the question you are seeking an answer to and that’s where I come in. After building up a good relationship at the advice centre and SUBU (Students’ Union at Bournemouth University), I was then employed in my third year to be the first port of call for student enquiries. My job as receptionist often involves sign-posting to the right advisor or department and is a rewarding role, which sees me giving back to advice-seeking students- of which I was once one myself.

How we can help

Most importantly, the SUBU Advice team give you the tools you need to go away and solve your own problems, to empower you to get over those challenges in life we all face. But they don’t just leave you there- they step in when you need advocating for! They help you help yourself and that is more liberating than burying your head in the sand! Trust me I’ve tried both.

So, if you find you don’t know how to solve your money worries, or there is just no one who understands what you are going through, then stop right there because there is.

The SUBU Advice team are concerned for your wellbeing and have strong links to the University’s counselling and chaplaincy services as well as good connections with the BU accommodation office. They can help you out of most sticky situations and at least provide you with some encouragement when you need it the most.

What are you waiting for? You don’t need to be in crisis to come and say hello! Delay the temptation of the bar and come and familiarise yourself with the SUBU Advice centre – located above Dylan’s and next to the rest of SUBU for your convenience!

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  1. Natalie Bridge


    When applying for the accommodation, I opted out of the bus pass as I had been told it was going to be an extra £240. Is there anyway that I can change this as it wasn’t made clear that this was free.


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