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By Cassie Melrose

BU Graduate, BA (Hons) Retail Management

If you are moving away from home to come to uni you may feel a whole range of emotions. After speaking to my brother who told me it would be the best years of my life I was excited but at the same time seriously nervous. I was pretty shy and had never lived away from home and the school I attended was pretty small.

I remember arriving in the car park to unload with my parents and thinking I’m not sure if I want to get out the car. I didn’t know anyone who was coming to Bournemouth Uni and was scared everyone would already be in friendship groups. When I got to my houses there was a friendly girl and two guys. I waved and said hello as our parents chatted and then we all disappeared into our rooms to unpack. I think about 5 times I said to my mum, “I’m not sure I can do this, what am I going to do when you leave?” After the unpacking was done my mum and dad wished me luck and told me to be confident and friendly and off they went.

Night out

I sat in my room for about 10 minutes on my laptop and then plucked up the courage to go out into the hall where the other girl was just saying goodbye to her parents. They left and she asked me if I wanted some tea. I hate tea but thought it best to sip it down and be sociable. The two guys then joined us in the lounge and we got chatting. We chatted about all sorts from what schools we had gone to and why we had chosen Bournemouth. They all seemed so nice and friendly.

The first fresher’s night at the student union nightclub, The Old Firestation was on that night so we all went off into our rooms, put some music on and got ready. We walked over to the Old Firestation and I had an absolutely amazing night chatting to anyone and everyone about what course they were on and where they were from back home etc. The next couple of weeks went like a blur, there are different activities running each day and so many nights out. My house mates and I attended loads of things from gym classes to bus tours and we also went along to the freshers fair, we went down the beach most days too which was amazing. We all did a massive food shop and cooked dinners together and since then I have never looked back! We all became close friends and some of us even lived together in second and final year.

Don’t let low confidence or shyness put you off leaving your room and chatting to different people. Everyone said to me don’t worry everyone is in the same boat, they will all be friendly and I didn’t believe it until getting there and realising it is completely true. Everyone is there to make friends so just make them realise you are too. Freshers year is a one off experience with plenty of new people to meet and free time so make the most of it as it goes so quickly! Say yes to everything you are invited to and enjoy!

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