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By Holly Montague

Postgraduate student, MA Advertising and Marketing Communications

You may end up getting creative for money and setting off the odd fire alarm in your kitchen, but once you accept these factors you are well on your way to fending for yourself.

Don’t worry. You may fail at the start, but you’ll be just fine!

Living away from home is never easy and bringing the wrong things with you is even worse. Pack what you think you need, bring some plates, a mug and things to cook with, it helps to raid what you already have at home (just tell your parents first).

FOOD…is simple! It does go off, turn green and grow fluff. Magical fairies don’t exist and they wont keep it fresh for the entire term, my housemates and I learnt this the smelly way. Planning meals help keep the costs down and eating with housemates will help break the ice when living with new people. So does having the occasional house party!!

LAUNDRY…you have to do it! No fresher ever knows how the ‘mystical’ spinning machine works but after you’ve ruined a few tops and shrunk them to the size that fits a toddler perfectly, it’ll fall into place. You wont be alone, we’ve all been there. Though do try and wash things regularly, including your sheets…YES sheets too!!

COOKING…ahh if you’ve not accidentally set off the fire alarm by burning toast, trying to make popcorn or doing what you think is ‘cooking’, then you’ve not done the first few weeks as a fresher right. Mistakes do happen and after you’ve done being embarrassed you’ll have a good laugh. Just try not to make a habit of it. When you do master the skillful techniques of student cooking, you’ll be able to show off and cook for your friends. Just remember you do live with others and you have to clean up.

MONEY…the bank of mum & dad is great but not always the right choice. Don’t blow all your student loans on things you want, do try and think of what you need. SUBU offer a really good money advice service and they’d help you out in planning your money for the month. Finding a part time job also helps, a bit of extra cash is always good, keep an eye out on student jobs going on within campus.

Have FUN, you are starting a new chapter filled with many experiences. You’ll walk away from this as a different person, still burning toast but happy about it.

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