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When is Fresher’s week and enrolment? Arrivals fortnight AKA Fresher’s Induction begins on the 16th September, with a wide range of events to help your transition in to university life. There will be a mix of academic and non-academic (Fresher’s events) content during this time, in addition to some more formal activities such as enrolment and a main school induction session. You’ll receive all the details on where you need to be and when, as well as all of the events that will be taking place, when you receive your Welcome Pack, posted to you in mid-August.

I’ve met the conditions of my offer, but it still says conditional on UCAS Track, what should I do? You should check whether your results are automatically sent to us via UCAS, details can be found here. If they aren’t you need to email a scanned copy of your results to the administrator of the course you have applied to study, their contact details can be found on your offer letter.

I know I have to wait until I have an unconditional offer to apply for accommodation, but I won’t receive my results until 15 August will it be too late? BU is proud to offer a guaranteed* place in Halls of Residence or BU-managed** accommodation for all first year undergraduate students starting in 2013. You will be eligible provided you apply for your BU accommodation choices by 5.00pm on 16 August (the day after A-level results day). The Accommodation Office allocates a number of places in University owned accommodation to each School, proportionate to their expected intake. A percentage of these places are offered to students with unconditional offers prior to mid-August, with the rest being released to the remainder of the students once they have met their entry requirements after mid-August. We would encourage you to apply as soon as your offer turns unconditional on UCAS Track.

*For guaranteed accommodation a small number of exceptions do apply – e.g. for those studying at our partner colleges or those on NHS courses.

**BU–managed accommodation refers to our Unilet shared houses.

Which date do I need to put on my accommodation application form when it asks for my ‘course end date’? This is the end of your first academic year and dates can be found on the BU website.

I’ve paid the deposit for my accommodation, is this enough to confirm my place in accommodation or do I need to do something else? As part of the payment process you will have agreed to the terms and conditions of your accommodation offer, there is nothing more you need to do to confirm you have accepted.

Will I have to pay my accommodation deposit on results day? A deposit, booking fee (and insurance premium – if applicable) is payable, within a limited timeframe (usually five working days), to secure your room once an offer of accommodation has been made. The deposit amounts etc. vary – please see the individual details of accommodation here.

When can I move into my accommodation? You will be able to move in the weekend of the 14/15th September, the accommodation team will email you at the beginning of September to advise you of a specific date and timeslot for you and the residence you have chosen to live in.

2 Responses to “askBU Top things asked this week!”

  1. Stefani

    I have met the conditions of my offer a few weeks ago and now my UCAS status is unconditional but I have not received any e-mail form BU to confirm my place at the university. Is that normal or did I forget to do something in order to confirm my place?

  2. John New

    Have confirmed place but will be away from home from now until 31st Aug so I won’t have access to my Welcome Pack until I get back on Saturday 31st. Is there anything I and any other 2013 start students in similar situations with no immediate access to their WP need to be doing?


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