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Here are just a few tips to help you save money while at university; you will be surprised what can help:

  • Shop around, don’t just go to one supermarket/shop
  • Make a budget and stick to it. Include money for emergencies
  • Draw out money each week and have that as the only money you can spend
  • If you shop in a particular shop regularly, get their loyalty card- this will save you money
  • Go for the best value for money, but not necessarily the cheapest
  • Only take cash on a night out, leave your card at home
  • Research banks, with some there’s a thing call “save the change”.  It rounds payments to the nearest pound and it transfers the difference to your saving account
  • If you live with people, shop and cook together when you can. It’s often cheaper and easier to get a large pack of something than to get lots of individual size packs
  • Buy all toiletries from the pound shop (there still the branded stuff)
  • Use compare websites to find best deals on food shops or any big purchases
  • Keep an eye out for whatever student discounts are around
  • If you insist on attending a gym then Sport BU offer a very good membership rate to all students
  • Invest in travel cards
  • Work where you shop then get staff discount
  • Drink before you leave the house on a night out (not too much of course)
  • Skype people instead of calling them- this  makes it more personal too
  • Get help with health costs – students are entitled to some help with paying for prescriptions and dental care, so check it out
  • Avoid credit and store cards – this is only bound to build debt
  • Make sure your washing is a full load every time
  • Take packed lunches to Uni
  • Make presents and cards instead of buying them
  • Try not to impulse buy – this is harder than you think
  • Check your bank balances regularly; this will make you realise how much you are spending and allow you to budget
  • Get your hair cut at a beauty college not an expensive salon
  • Share lifts and taxis when you go out

I hope this list helps to save you some money, also, don’t forget to check if you’re eligible for any grants or bursaries.

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